The Benefits of Plant Medicine: Discovering the Healing Powers of Nature

The Benefits of Plant Medicine: Discovering the Healing Powers of Nature

The natural world around us is full of healing properties and powerful benefits if we know how to harness them. Some of the best ways plants can support your overall health are common sense, and some may surprise you. 

10 Benefits of Plant-Based Medicine

If you are not familiar with plant-based treatments and what they can do for you, here are some significant benefits commonly associated with herbal medicine.

Fewer Allergies

Seasonal allergies, like those caused by pollen and plant spores, are common complaints that are often caused by hypersensitivity to the world outside. In this case, the natural world is both the problem and a possible solution. Brewed stinging nettle, perilla, and sea buckthorn are all suggested to help cope with seasonal allergies in a safe, effective, and all-natural way. 

Less Stress 

Scent is a powerful tool from the natural world that can help reduce stress, reshape your mood, and even boost your memory. Inhaling certain citrus scents like lemon and yuzu are potent and natural ways to boost your energy levels and refocus. In contrast, soothing scents like lavender and geranium can help send you off to sleep more peacefully. 

Easily Consumable

Adding certain herbal elements like turmeric and ginger into your diet can help you reap the rewards of their anti-inflammatory properties while opening your eyes to delicious new recipes. Turmeric’s bioavailability even increases when it’s taken with black pepper, making it a useful staple in the kitchen. 

Better Skin

Given how many botanicals are often added into cleansers and moisturizers, you might already assume plants can help clear up problem skin. But certain botanicals, like evening primrose, do even more. Evening primrose oil not only helps clear acne but also eases eczema and dermatitis.  

Better Health

In general, eating a plant-based diet is associated with better health. A study from the American Heart Association found that eating a plant-based diet lowers your risk of all causes of mortality by 25%. Not only will you see a slimmer waistline and lower cholesterol, but getting enough fruits and veggies into your diet can help you simply live longer. 


Since plants need a way to survive microbial invaders, some have evolved anti-microbial properties that make them natural sanitizers. 

Preventative Properties

Many studies show that herbal medicine is best suited to preventative care rather than treatment. This means that herbal medicine can be used to support a holistic approach to wellness, supporting you in everyday health. 

Lower Side Effects

While you should never assume natural methods are free from all side effects, in general, plant medicine is associated with less dependency and problematic side effects than certain pharmaceuticals. 

Less Expense

Due to the abundance of the natural world, plant medicine is often an inexpensive option to turn to. Some remedies, like peppermint for an upset stomach or aloe for a sunburn, can even be grown yourself at home. 

Natural Source of New Discoveries

Scientists are constantly learning from the natural world around us. Some life-saving drugs, such as aspirin and digitalis, come directly from plant sources. By valuing the healing powers of nature, science can continue to discover the newest developments that improve human life. 

The Takeaway?

Plant-based medicine offers a number of benefits for various aspects of mental and physical wellness. From treating minor conditions to reducing the risk of certain diseases, herbal medicine can provide a safe and often affordable way to supplement modern treatments and conventional practices. The best part? It's completely natural!

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