Have Confidence in Your Decisions: 5 Simple Ways

Have Confidence in Your Decisions: 5 Simple Ways

Have you ever met someone who seems so sure of themselves that it made you want to be around them more? True self-confidence, as opposed to bravado or egoism, is an alluring trait. Confident people are less likely to put others down and more likely to project positivity. Building your self-confidence is a win-win: people will want to be around you more, and more importantly, you’ll get to enjoy being with yourself.  

How Confidence Affects How We Are Perceived

Being confident puts others at ease. It can also improve your existing relationships. Less confident people are often more absorbed with how they’re perceived. By contrast, when you feel secure, you have more energy to offer to projects and people you love since you’re not taken up with worries about what people might think. 

Self-confidence makes you more resilient, even in the face of setbacks. If you have a sense that failure is temporary, it makes you more likely to keep going. It can also help keep you motivated since self-doubt is a big reason people shy away from pursuing their goals. 

Simple Ways to Build Your Confidence

Self-confidence isn’t born overnight. It can be cultivated, practiced, and nurtured. To build your own confidence, try some of these simple hacks to support you in your journey towards your most authentic self.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude builds confidence by encouraging a sense of abundance. Pick a time daily when you write down two or three things that you’re grateful for. On days when things seem overwhelming, you can flip back through it and find reassurance. 

Challenge Negative Self-Talk

Sometimes we can be our own harshest critics. It can help to approach our internal narrative with curiosity and compassion. Instead of saying, “I can’t handle this” or “That was stupid,” see if you can observe those thoughts and replace them with, “This is difficult, but I can handle it” or “I’m doing my best, and that’s enough for today.” 

Find Reminders of Your Success

Maybe there’s a photograph or a memento from an important day in your life, like a graduation or finished project. Put those self-esteem boosters on a mirror, desk, or refrigerator as tangible reminders of what you’ve already achieved.

Sleep and Self-Care

It may be obvious, but it’s easier to be confident when you feel your best. Getting enough sleep, eating foods that fuel your body, and exercising in ways you enjoy can make you less prone to stress. 

Dress the Part

If you have a favorite color or piece of clothing, wear it. Clothes you feel good in can shape your body language, instantly giving you a subtle confidence boost. 

The Takeaway

Confidence isn’t always feeling 100% sure of everything you do. But instead of listening to that pesky internal voice asking, “what if,” consider laughing it off. What you have to offer is worthy and valuable. By building your confidence, you’ll feel more secure in your relationships, decisions, and, most importantly, yourself. 

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