10 Stress Minimizing Solutions You Should Know

10 Stress Minimizing Solutions You Should Know

Stress. We all have it. Whether you are a student, young professional, or adult juggling family responsibilities with work and everything else in between, stress can seem to be ever-present. Luckily, there are things you can do to minimize its effects on your body and mind. The secret to living with stress is finding ways to mitigate its effects, so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Here are ten ways to do just that.

Make a List

Capturing all the things you need to do on a 3x5” card, a notepad, or a digital calendar reminder lets you empty your mind of all the nagging to-do’s you’re mentally trying to keep on top of.

Try Natural Stress Reducers

Everywhere you look, there seems to be a new craze for how to unwind with herbal teas and supplements. Many are worth trying out, and actually, most are not new but tried and true across generations and alternative medicine cultures around the world. Look to chamomile, lavender (use topically), melatonin, and the Ayurvedic herb, ashwagandha. 

Get Your Optimum Amount of Zzz’s

Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of solid, quality sleep each night and consider a restorative nap midday. 

Practice Mindfulness

When you’re doing routine things like washing dishes, driving, or even chatting on the phone, being in the moment can add relaxation to your life. Tune your mind to the task, appreciating the warmth of the water while washing up, or the scent of fresh laundry while folding your linens.

Take Up a Soothing Hobby

There are many pastimes that people find relaxing to do with their minds and hands. A few that you can try to whittle away stress include jigsaw puzzles, knitting or crocheting, and gardening, 

Engage With an Animal Friend

People who have pets live longer. Stroking a furry friend eases tension, while the bubbling of an indoor fish tank also is a known soother for frazzled nerves.


Volunteering takes us away from our own worries and gives us focus on those who can use our talents and time. People who volunteer have greater life satisfaction and benefit from what’s called the “helper’s high.”

Journal Your Stress Away

Journaling your frustrations is a good way to let it all out and do a dump of negative emotions. Or, try keeping it positive with a gratitude journal. Studies show that those who practice the attitude of gratitude are happier and find their lives fuller than those who don’t bother to take stock of their blessings.

Honor Your Temple (Body)

Ditch the junk food and try listening to what your body needs. It’s easy, especially when stressed, to become a couch potato, but getting up and getting moving will make you feel better about yourself and release endorphins. You’ll sleep better, too!

Enlist A Pro

Finding a qualified counselor, psychologist, or coach can help you whittle stress out of your vocabulary and your daily life. It may take some trial and error to find the right personality that you “click” with, but checking in every week or two can work wonders on helping you focus on what you want to change in your life to make it more stress-free. Gone are the days when seeing a counselor was a stigma. On the contrary, it shows maturity that you believe in self-care.

The Takeaway?

While stress never feels great on its own, we must learn to live with it and make it work in our favor.  By following the tips mentioned above, we can reduce the number of daily stressors in our life and minimize unnecessary worry. However, if these types of everyday tips don't do the trick, a little extra help may be needed in the form of professional advice from a licensed professional. 

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